Sanghun Jung

I am an M.S. candidate at KAIST AI, advised by Prof. Jaegul Choo.

At KAIST, I've addressed two problems, domain generalization and out-of-distribution detection in semantic segmentation. Before starting my Master's study, I worked at BearRobotics as a robotics software engineer for two years. I developed robot algorithms such as camera extrinsic calibration, odometry calibration, safe velocity controller, and auto testing simulation infrastructure.

Mail: shjung13 [at] kaist [dot] ac [dot] kr

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ICCV_Best_Poster [Best Poster Awards] Our paper "Standardized Max Logits" won the Best Poster Awards at KAIST AI Conference! [paper]
ICCV_interview [Interview] Jungsoo and I had an interview at ICCV Daily magazine about our recent paper!

Conditional Generative NeRF CG-NeRF: Conditional Generative Neural Radiance Fields
Kyungmin Jo*, Gyumin Shim*, Sanghun Jung, Soyoung Yang, and Jaegul Choo
Preprint, 2021  
SML Standardized Max Logits: A Simple yet Effective Approach for Identifying Unexpected Road Obstacles in Urban-Scene Segmentation
Sanghun Jung*, Jungsoo Lee*, Daehoon Gwak, Sungha Choi, and Jaegul Choo
ICCV, 2021   Oral Presentation (<3.0%)
arXiv / code

RobustNet RobustNet: Improving Domain Generalization in Urban-Scene Segmentation via Instance Selective Whitening
Sungha Choi*, Sanghun Jung*, Huiwon Yun, Joanne Taery Kim, and Jaegul Choo
CVPR, 2021   Oral Presentation (<4.1%)
arXiv / code

Visualiation for Non-Visuals Visualizing for the Non-Visual: Enabling the Visually Impaired to Use Visualization
Jinho Choi, Sanghun Jung, Deokgun Park, Jaegul Choo, and Niklas Elmqvist
EuroVIS, 2019

BearRobotics Method, System, and Non-Transitory Computer-Readable Recording Medium for Controlling a Robot
Sanghun Jung, Henry L. Leinhos, Fangwei Li, and Ina Liu.

US Patent In Progress
BearRobotics Method, System, and Non-Transitory Computer-Readable Recording Medium for Controlling Movement of a Robot
Bryant L. Pong, Henry L. Leinhos, and Sanghun Jung

US Patent In Progress

Work Experience
BearRobotics Robotics Engineer | BearRobotics Korea, Inc.
Seoul, South Korea | Apr. 2019 ~ Jul. 2020
  • Safe velocity controller
  • Odometry and localization testing
  • Automated simulation testing infrastructure
BearRobotics Robotics Engineering Intern | BearRobotics, Inc.
Redwood City, CA, US | Jul. 2018 ~ Mar. 2019
  • Depth camera extrinsic calibration

Invited Talk
KAIST AI Conference KAIST AI Conference
  • Presented my recent paper "Standardized Max Logits" during a poster session
Naver AI LAB Naver AI LAB
  • Guest speaker for corporate seminar (RobustNet)
Hyundai Research Hyundai Motor Group AI Research Seminar
  • Guest speaker for corporate seminar (RobustNet)

Extra-Curricular Activities
DAVIAN Lab, KAIST AI GPU Server Maintainer | DAVIAN Lab., KAIST AI
Seongnam, South Korea | Aug. 2020 ~

Managing Linux GPU servers in DAVIAN Laboratory. Built a server monitoring and auto-reporting system using Linux shell scripts and python.

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