Sanghun Jung

I am an incoming Ph.D. student in the Computer Science and Engineering department at the University of Washington (UW), advised by Prof. Byron Boots.

During my Master's study at KAIST, I've addressed domain generalization, out-of-distribution detection in semantic segmentation, and test-time adaptation problems. Before starting my Master's study, I worked at BearRobotics as a robotics software engineer for two years. I developed robot algorithms such as camera extrinsic calibration, odometry calibration, safe velocity controller, and auto testing simulation infrastructure.

Mail: shjung13 [at] cs [dot] washington [dot] edu

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ICCV_Best_Poster [Best Poster Awards] Our paper "Standardized Max Logits" won the Best Poster Awards at KAIST AI Conference! [paper]
ICCV_interview [Interview] Jungsoo and I had an interview at ICCV Daily magazine about our recent paper!

Conditional Generative NeRF CG-NeRF: Conditional Generative Neural Radiance Fields
Kyungmin Jo*, Gyumin Shim*, Sanghun Jung, Soyoung Yang, and Jaegul Choo
Preprint, 2021  
SML Standardized Max Logits: A Simple yet Effective Approach for Identifying Unexpected Road Obstacles in Urban-Scene Segmentation
Sanghun Jung*, Jungsoo Lee*, Daehoon Gwak, Sungha Choi, and Jaegul Choo
ICCV, 2021   Oral Presentation (<3.0%)
arXiv / code

RobustNet RobustNet: Improving Domain Generalization in Urban-Scene Segmentation via Instance Selective Whitening
Sungha Choi*, Sanghun Jung*, Huiwon Yun, Joanne Taery Kim, and Jaegul Choo
CVPR, 2021   Oral Presentation (<4.1%)
arXiv / code

Visualiation for Non-Visuals Visualizing for the Non-Visual: Enabling the Visually Impaired to Use Visualization
Jinho Choi, Sanghun Jung, Deokgun Park, Jaegul Choo, and Niklas Elmqvist
EuroVIS, 2019

BearRobotics Method, System, and Non-Transitory Computer-Readable Recording Medium for Controlling a Robot
Sanghun Jung, Henry L. Leinhos, Fangwei Li, and Ina Liu.

US Patent In Progress
BearRobotics Method, System, and Non-Transitory Computer-Readable Recording Medium for Controlling Movement of a Robot
Bryant L. Pong, Henry L. Leinhos, and Sanghun Jung

US Patent In Progress

Work Experience
BearRobotics Robotics Engineer | BearRobotics Korea, Inc.
Seoul, South Korea | Apr. 2019 ~ Jul. 2020
  • Safe velocity controller
  • Odometry and localization testing
  • Automated simulation testing infrastructure
BearRobotics Robotics Engineering Intern | BearRobotics, Inc.
Redwood City, CA, US | Jul. 2018 ~ Mar. 2019
  • Depth camera extrinsic calibration

Invited Talk
KAIST AI Conference KAIST AI Conference
  • Presented my recent paper "Standardized Max Logits" during a poster session
Naver AI LAB Naver AI LAB
  • Guest speaker for corporate seminar (RobustNet)
Hyundai Research Hyundai Motor Group AI Research Seminar
  • Guest speaker for corporate seminar (RobustNet)

Extra-Curricular Activities
DAVIAN Lab, KAIST AI GPU Server Maintainer | DAVIAN Lab., KAIST AI
Seongnam, South Korea | Aug. 2020 ~

Managing Linux GPU servers in DAVIAN Laboratory. Built a server monitoring and auto-reporting system using Linux shell scripts and python.

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